Organic Farming


Experience southern history and learn how to live sustainably.

Welcome to Mockingbird Hill Farm ! We are an agricultural living community focused on sustainable agriculture, living simply and art education. This means we eat what we grow, we enjoy and respect our surroundings, we learn new skills for sustaining our lifestyle and we share the tasks and enjoyment of it all!
Located on 228 acres of land owned by our family since the days of land grants in the 1700’s, Mockingbird Hill Farm has created a living environment that is more in tune with natural practices of growing produce, meat goat production and chicken/egg production . We are very small scale now, but we are growing to meet our needs and those of members and farmers markets. We offer a chance to experience wildlife and to capture the artistic beauty of our surroundings with your camera or paintbrush. Join a class or explore for the day on your own.

Creeks surround our extended properties, as well as hardwood forests and pine plantations. Old pastures used long ago for cotton, corn and hay surround the hoop houses and outbuildings we use for art, history and agriculture. Several older structures from the mid 1800’s and newer chicken houses from the 1950’s through the 1970’s are on the property and are in the process of preservation for housing for animals and humans. Come spend a day in the country and experience our take on enjoying life at a slower pace and experience a bit of history, art and agriculture.

What We Do

  • Organic Farming

    Learn new skills in the garden, express your creativity and learn how our past has influenced our present day food choices.

  • History of the farm

    Mockingbird Hill Farm, LLC is a historic plantation situated on 228 acres, which includes remnants of the past and a view toward the future in terms of farming practices.

Come and enjoy a day listening to nature!

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